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 A Climberís Guide to Mount Hedgehog (1978)

 A Climberís Guide to Mount Hedgehog Supplement (1979)

 A Climberís Guide to Pawtuckaway State Park and Southeastern New Hampshire (1980)

 The Gunks Guide (1986)

 The Gunks Guide (2nd edition [1990])

 Red Rocks Select (1993)

 The Gunks Guide (3rd edition [1995])

 Red Rocks Select (2nd edition [1998])

 Rock Climbing Red Rocks (2000)

 Classic Rock Climbs Red Rocks Nevada (2001)

 La Milagrosa Canyon Climbing (2001)*

 Crystal Crag Climbs (2003)*

 Crystal Crag Climbs 2 (2004)*

 A Ice Climberís Guide to Southern New England and Eastern New York (2020)

 Belize Rock Climbing (coming August 2021)*

 A Rock Climberís Guide to Seacoast New Hampshire (with Mike Veazey)

 A climbing guide to the Pika Glacier

Guidebooks by Todd Swain

Above: First ascents at Pawtuckaway State Park in New Hampshire in the late 70s.


Left: Sympathy for the Devil, Devilís Den (just before the piece he was standing

on pulled out and he took a head-first whipper, missing the ground by inches!).


Right: Speckmanís 1st Aid Climb, Devilís Den.

* Co-authored with the patient and forgiving Donette Swain.



Left: On a tyrolean traverse between the North & South Astrodomes in the Wonderland of Rocks at Joshua Tree NP in 1995.


This was done as part of rock climbing training with the 1st Special Forces Group (ODA 153) from Fort Lewis, WA.


Todd did numerous counterdrug and training missions with ODA 153 and other Army Special Forces groups around the country.