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Articles & Photography by Todd Swain

Despite receiving a D in English 101 in college, Todd has written articles, reports and book reviews that have appeared in a wide variety of publications.

· Those Secret Crags (Summit Magazine, 1982)

· Without Rime or Reason (Summit Magazine, 1983)

· Without Rime or Reason (Appalachia, 1984)

· Sunday Afternoon in the Gunks (Climbing, 1987)

· Diary of a New Route Addict (Appalachia, 1987)

· Paine and Suffering in Patagonia (Appalachia, 1988)

· Non-Consumptive Use of Artifacts for Law Enforcement Purposes (Opportunities for Federally Associated Collections, 1996)

· Inter-Disciplinary Resource Protection Training (Crossing Boundaries in Park Management; Proceedings of the George Wright Society, 2001)

· S.S. Joshua Tree ([Co-authored with Jeff Ohlfs] 29 Palms Historical Society newsletter, 2005)

· Operation Indian Rocks: Conducting Interagency ARPA Investigations ([Co-authored with Tim Canaday] The Society for American Archaeology Archaeological Record, 2005)

· Operation Indian Rocks: Interagency ARPA Investigations in the Deserts of Nevada and California ([Co-authored with Tim Canaday] Presenting Archaeology in Court, 2006)

· Protect Resources by Working Together (The Wave [California State Park Ranger Association newsletter], October 2006)

· Cultural Resource Damage on Public Lands: what the statistics show (Yearbook of Cultural Property Law 2007)

· How Do You Manage Your Resources if they are being Stolen and Sold at the Swap Meet? (Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World; Proceedings of the George Wright Society, 2007)

· The Search for Walter Poirier (Appalachia, 2008)

· 1.5 Score and 7,000 Routes Ago (Appalachia, June 2009)

· Cambodia’s Temples: Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom offer an inspiring vacation (Capitola Soquel Times, Scotts Valley Times, Aptos Times, October 2009)

· All Hands on Deck (Interior Shelves newsletter, summer 2010)

· Resource Protection (The Protection Ranger, December 2012)

· Paine and Suffering in Patagonia (No Limits but the Sky—stories from Appalachia Journal, October 2014)

· Summer in Antarctica (Capitola Soquel Times, Scotts Valley Times, Aptos Times, December 2017)

· Working as a Mountaineer in Antarctica (Appalachia December 2018)

· Scotland the Climbing Way (Appalachia December 2019)

· Rongdo Valley, Ladakh, India (Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Newsletter Winter 2020)


Additional works by Todd have appeared in:

· American Alpine Journal

· Climbing Magazine

· Common Ground

· Discover Magazine

· Hi-Desert Magazine

· Hi-Desert Trail

· Mountain Magazine

· Association of National Park Rangers Newsletter

· Park Science

· Preservation Magazine

· Rock & Ice

· Summit Magazine

· Using ARPA Civil Penalties to Protect Archeological Resources on Public and Indian Lands


Published Articles & Photography

Left: Donette Swain climbing a six pitch 5.10 route in the Todra Gorge of Morocco in 2000.

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