Since 2011, Todd & Donette have spent a total of fifteen weeks exploring rock climbing possibilities in Belize. They have visited more than a dozen areas and working with local adventure guides, established many routes on the country’s limestone cliffs. Local “color” has thus far included Africanized bees, boa constrictors, fer de lances, howler monkeys, millipedes, spider monkeys and ticks.


Between April 2012 and April 2015, they conducted a total of 21 days of rock climbing training for 33 Belizean adventure guides. They are also working with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) to establish a rock climbing training and licensing program for the guides.  In March 2017, they spent ten days at Coxcomb Basin, climbing Victoria Peak twice in a week and providing belaying and rigging training to adventure guides and park staff.


A small climbing guidebook to Belize is in the works and will hopefully be available in late 2019.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) First ascent of a new 5.10- route in the Cayo District;

2) Our favorite beer in Belize;

3) Mario Perez looking at eggs from a great tinamou;

4) Bug bites and the start of a poisonwood rash;

5) Diego Cruz, Donette and bats;

6) A coati at Tikal in Guatemala;

7) A “Sleeping Policeman” speed bump sign.