The Ballad of Fanny Snyder

(To the tune of “Davey Crockett”)


Born on a farm in the town of Erie,

in the flattest state that you’ll ever see.

Reared with farm animals that roamed free,

she was raised in the 19th Cen-tur-ry.


Fanny, Fanny Ford, faced life without a fear.


Married Mr. Craven when she was eighteen,

kept the house with four kids in-between.

Her husband died, but had treated her like a queen,

he was the finest man she had ever seen.


Fanny, Fanny Craven, widow who shed a tear.


As a new widow, things were really bleak,

then in Wichita, she met a Greek.

He was educated, the sort a gal would seek,

they got married and had the occasional pique.


Fanny, Fanny Snyder, her new spouse seemed so sincere.


They moved to Bishop, among the workers coarse,

then traveled up-canyon, perched upon a horse.

As they returned, she met with fatal force,

her husband didn’t show a lick of remorse.


Fanny, Fanny Snyder, victim of the wild frontier.


Peter was charged, it wasn’t a good prognosis,

some of the testimony concerned his use of hypnosis.

Grace alleged Peter’s desire for symbiosis,

hemlock also figures with a fatal diagnosis.


Peter, Peter Snyder, the penalty for murder is severe.

An Atrocious Murder

The 1908 inquiry into the death of Mrs. Fanny

Snyder of Erie Kansas while in Bishop California


An Atrocious Murder documents the 1908 investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs. Fanny Snyder.  Mrs. Snyder, originally from Erie, Kansas, was killed while she was on horseback in the mountains near Bishop, California.


This true story is filled with many twists and turns, providing the reader with wonderful insight into life at that time.

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