Allen Steckís 80th Birthday Party

May 6th, 2006 in Berkeley, CA

Above: The four surviving members of the 1965 first ascent of the

Hummingbird Ridge on Mount Logan.

(L-R): Jim Wilson, Allen Steck, Dick Long and John Evans.

(If you donít know the story, read Allenís autobiography for more details)

Eric Beck (L) listens to a story by David Cook involving the number two.

Left: Dick Long (in red) and Joe Fitschen (of Fitschenís Folly in Yosemite and the Gunks) catch up.


At the left of this photo is a gentleman from Austria, Karl Lugmayer, that Allen Steck climbed with in the Alps in 1946. They traveled on single speed bicycles from Zurich to the Dolomites to climb!

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Below: The roasted lamb was a hit!