Walter Poirier Search - Zongo Valley, Bolivia

September 2007

In September 2007, a number of representatives from the Peace Corps, FBI, US Department of State, National Park Service, Bolivian National Police and other entities conducted a search for missing Peace Corps volunteer Walter Poirier. The search effort focused on a series of steep and remote drainages in the Zongo Valley of Bolivia. These drainages were between 8-12,000 feet in elevation and required rappelling, climbing and a lot of work with machetes to search. Todd subsequently had a story published in Appalachia (Summer/Fall 2008) about this trip.

Left: The cemetery for tin miners near Potosi.


Right: Captain Romero belaying Todd down an abandoned ladder. Shortly afterward, as el Captain was downclimbing, one of the ladder rungs broke, sending him for a 30 foot whipper!


Right: A small portion of the Zongo Valley.


Left: Rappelling down a jungle drainage.